Guide to Compliance

Why do I need to take this course?

During the training we will review the DOT rules and regulations that affect your company, answering your questions regarding compliance issues, vehicle maintenance, determining if you are operating equipment that is oversized and/or overweight, and educating you on how to properly handle a Roadside Inspection.

Are you going to adopt EOBR? Let us explain how we can help you manage fuel usage, hours of service, and idle time at each stop, as well as help track the movement of your trucks.

This Course will answer the following questions: 

  • Familiar with the new compliance rules and regulations?
  • Do you know who must comply or when the regulations apply?
  • What is your CSA score? 
  • How does your CSA score effect your operations?
  • Are you Intrastate or Interstate?  Are you sure?
  • Who is reviewing your Log Books?  Are you required to maintain Log Books?
  • Who needs to perform a pre-trip and or post-trip vehicle inspection?
  • Do you know your vehicle weight?  Why is that important you ask?
  • Who is performing you maintenance checks?  Do you need an updated maintenance policy?
  • Do your drivers have the driving credentials and license to operate your vehicles?
  • Have your drivers been trained to handle a roadside inspection?
  • How are your hiring practices? Do you hire qualified drivers to work for your company? Do you need a hiring protocol?
  • Will your Driver Qualification Files pass a DOT Audit?
  • Are you processing your Motor Vehicle Records through an accredited agency or does your insurance company process the documents?  Did you know the DOT requires that a 3 Year MVR Report be checked before safety sensitive day begins?

Have you heard of the Pre employment Screening Program?

Who should attend this course?

  • Human Resource Managers
  • Company Owners
  • Safety Managers
  • DER
  • Drug Program Coordinators

Check our "Upcoming Trainings" for dates and locations or contact our Training Department to arrange a private on-site training.

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