Onsite Collection Fee Update

March 29th, 2021


RE: Onsite Testing Service Price Increase


As we move further into 2021, we are continually observing the difficulties our nation is facing. With the upward trend in gas prices, shipping costs, and other standard industry suppliers, we are striving to negotiate the best overall drug and alcohol pricing available for our clients. Our first objective is to keep the overall cost down for our clients while maintaining a high level of service. After much consideration and careful cost analysis, for both ITI and our clients, we have concluded that our onsite testing servicing rates will increase effective April 15, 2021. We found this decision to be the most cost-effective solution, rather than an overall increase to the drug and alcohol program testing rates.


This increase is an adjustment to your contracted onsite testing service pricing in your original Drug and Alcohol Testing Services Agreement. The updated onsite trip fee will increase to $25.00 per trip. As always, this is a one-time fee for each scheduled visit that an ITI collector comes onsite and provides drug and alcohol testing services. We still find that our onsite testing service trip fees are the best in our industry.


As a direct result of this increase, and to continue to only see minimal increases for 2021, we are asking all clients to continue to work with our drug and alcohol department in finding times that will work with your workforce, but also be flexible with dates and times of testing. By doing so, we can continue to service other clients in your area and help keep onsite collection trip fees from seeing more increases for all clients.


We appreciate and thank you for your continued partnership, and we look forward to 2021 being successful for all of our clients.


Please contact the accounting department with questions at 317-271-2611.


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