If you are in this business than you know that it can be very confusing to understand and follow the regulations. It can be good and it can be bad that regulations change as often as the direction of the wind. On one hand you have lobbyists who are paid to deregulate and on the other hand you have other lobbyists who push to have more regulation.

These lobbyists and industry organizations that push and pull these regulations have caused a horrible eco system for safety compliance. Our concern as an organization that services the agriculture industry is the lack of awareness. Just because you are not required to have the best practices in place that promote safe operating protocols doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.

The law may or may not regulate your industry but a jury only sees the punitive side of things. You should ask yourself the questions below to help you determine your current state. The answers to these questions should be precise and give you a sense of confidence knowing that you are not negligent and that a jury would see you as non-negligent.

It’s important to remember that preventing an accident is better than learning from an accident.

  • Are my drivers properly qualified?
  • Am I defined as a Hazmat operation?
  • Do I have the correct recordkeeping requirements?
  • Will my actions of lack of actions in regards to safety cause injury, harm,  or death to others?