Posted: Aug, 16th 2019

While this program is not specifically directed to commercial motor vehicle drivers (CMV), if you get pulled over and are found to be operating under the influence, your life will change immediately. Troopers and Motor Carrier Inspectors in Indiana will be joining with about 230 different law-enforcement agencies across Indiana and thousands around the nation fro-m Mid-August through Labor Day working overtime to locate and arrest impaired drivers.  Whether they are in cars, trucks or CMVs.  While the legal limit for operating vehicles under the influence of alcohol in Indiana is .08% or higher, there are lesser amounts which can cause significant problems for drivers under 21 years of age operating with a BAC under .02%. 

For CMV drivers the limit for Operating a CMV is .04%, however, CMV drivers found to have a BAC of .02% or over will be placed Out-of-Service for 24 hours. The average DUI arrest costs about $10,000 or more due to towing of your vehicle, attorney fees, fines, court costs, and lost time. For A CMV driver, an arrest will often result in loss of employment for over a year.  It can cost the carrier an enormous amount of money too. CMV drivers operate under the authority of the carrier’s DOT number. If a CMV driver is caught operating under the influence or operating above the .02% BAC limit, the carrier will probably face hefty fines.

It is never a good idea to operate a vehicle under the influence; it is especially not a good idea to operate a CMV with any alcohol in your system.