3rd Quarter Random Pool Roster Updates Needed

2021 3rd Quarter Random Pool Update Request

**If you have already sent in your updated participant list, THANK YOU! **

**It is not necessary to re-send your list.**

As the end of the 2nd quarter quickly approaches, we would like to remind everyone that 2021 3rd quarter randoms are just around the corner. As we continue in 2021, we understand that the COVID-19 pandemic may still be affecting some of our clients. We are asking that you keep ITI in full communication of your random drug and alcohol program status.


Please read the below information and follow the guidelines that best fit your company at this time.


1)      If you are still not operational, please reply back to us with what your plan is moving forward with any existing open randoms from the 2nd quarter. We will continue to help you navigate through those and work with you on the best plan for moving forward.

2)      If you are operational and have not yet completed the previous quarter random testing, it is urgent that you contact customer service at 800-295-2587 or via email at customer.service@itihq.com as soon as possible.

3)      If we have spoken with your company in the last few weeks and are already aware of your plan along with an updated participants list you may disregard this notice.

4)      If any changes to your participant's list have happened recently, you are still required to submit those changes to the Drug and Alcohol department as soon as possible for the 3rd Quarter Random Selections.

  1. Your list should include (1) employee name (first and last name), (2) occupation (are they CDL or NON-CDL), (3) home base (if applicable). Home bases are only used for companies that have employees located in multiple locations. Last but not least we will also need (4) a unique identifier for each driver. For all DOT employees, we ask that a driver’s license number is provided, for all NON-DOT employees an identification number can be used or a driver’s license number.
  2. Please submit this information via Excel Sheet format for the most expedited process.




Also, please note that the demand for onsite testing has increased due to clinic wait times and the possibility of exposure to COVID-19. We understand the concern for sending employees to clinics but also understand that we do our best to send employees to clinics that are not performing COVID-19 testing. With the increase in the onsite testing demands, we are also asking that all clients be flexible with their appointment times and dates of availability. Our onsite coordinators are doing their best to schedule as many clients on a daily basis but this does require some flexibility on the client’s side. We thank everyone for his or her patience and understanding.


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