4th Quarter Notice for Random Pool Participant updates and Covid-19 Information



As we start to enter into the 4th quarter of random testing for 2020, we want to ensure that all of our clients are in compliance and up to date with the previous quarter testing. It is crucial that all clients understand that end of the year 2020 random pool percentages must still meet the required regulated random percentage established by the Department of Transportation for your specific modal.

The COVID-19 pandemic has not voided the random drug and alcohol program selection process. We want to make sure all clients fully understand you must still meet your end of the year 2020 percentages.

Please read the below information and follow the guidelines that best fit your company at this time.

 1)      If you are still not operational, please reply back to us with what your plan is moving forward with any existing open randoms and the randoms that will need to be pulled for the 4th quarter. We will help you navigate through those and work with you for the best plan for moving forward.

2)      If you are operational and have not yet completed the previous quarter random testing, it is urgent that you contact customer service at 800-295-2587 or via email at customer.service@itihq.com as soon as possible.

3)      If we have spoken with your company in the last few weeks and are already aware of your plan along with an updated participants list you may disregard this notice.

4)      If any changes to your participant's list have happened recently, you are still required to submit those changes to the Drug and Alcohol department as soon as possible.

  1. Your list should include (1) employee name (first and last name), (2) occupation (are they CDL or NON-CDL), (3) home base (if applicable). Home bases are only used for companies that have employees located in multiple locations. Last but not least we will also need (4)a unique identifier for each driver. For all DOT employees, we ask that a driver’s license number is provided, for all NON-DOT employees an identification number can be used or a driver’s license number.
  2. Please submit this information via Excel Sheet format for the most expedited process.



Again, ITI’s main goal is to make sure all clients are in compliance by end of the year 2020. We are relying on all clients to continue to communicate with our drug and alcohol department to ensure compliance. We are closely tracking compliance and look forward to getting everyone back on track and finishing the year strong!



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