Omnitracs 3G Sunset Period Information

Dear valued ITI Customers,

Over the past few months, our partner, Omnitracs, has been starting to send out information in regards to the 3G Sunset Period that many cellular carriers are moving toward in the future. The Sunset period, which will begin sometime after December 31, 2020, will ultimately affect all MCP50 users along with any IVG platform users that are operating an IVG on a 3G network.

Recently, Omnitracs presented ITI with a Platform Modification Program, which initially only included the MCP50 users, which ITI has contacted and communicated to all of our MCP50 users. Omnitracs has now decided to extend the Platform Modification Program to Omnitracs IVG users that are on the 3G network.

After much research in regards to the Sunset period, ITI along with Omnitracs believes clients on the 3G platform will continue to operate until late 2021 or into 2022, but there will be areas throughout the nation that the 3G unit will not record but will catch back up when the unit is able to connect to a cellular carrier who has not phased the 3G network out as of yet. With that being said, ITI still wants to make sure we give all of our clients the ability to capitalize on the Platform Modification Program if they choose to.

In anticipation of the 3G network sunset, the Omnitracs Platform Modification Program is detailed below:

  • A qualified carrier who wishes to take advantage of the Platform Modification program must do so by December 31, 2020.
  • ITI must notify Omnitracs of the intention of the carrier to utilize the program.
  • ITI must verify any new 4G IVG units purchased under this program are visible in the carrier’s customer profile.
  • The appropriate number of 3G MCP50 or IVG units will be fleet reduced to cover the number of new 4G IVG purchased appearing in the customer profile.
  • Customers must be in the last 24 months of their existing contract agreement.
  1. If a customer has less than 12 months remaining on their existing contract, they must sign at least a new two-year contract or longer.
  2. If a customer has between 12 and 24 months remaining on their existing contract, they must sign a new three-year or longer contract.
  • Any carrier taking advantage of the Platform Modernization program, meeting the qualifications and approved, will be issued a $120.00 rebate for each qualifying IVG 4G from ITI.

Any clients wishing to take advantage of this program please contact ITI. We will submit your client information to get approval from Omnitracs if you meet the criteria and get the particular information on what must be done to ensure your qualification.


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