Annual and Roadside Inspections

Annual Inspections

It is extremely important that carriers remember to have all of their Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMVs) inspected according to the Appendix G Criteria on an annual basis. Failing to operate a CMV without a current annual inspection is a major violation and can lead to a carrier being placed Out-of-Service. A CMV for this part of the regulations also includes trailers.

Not just anybody can inspect a CMV according to the FMCSRs. It is extremely important that Annual Appendix G inspections are conducted by a person who, according to the FMCSRs, meets the requirements in 396.19 as an inspector and is self-certified by the carrier as meeting this criteria. Along that same line, a person who inspects, maintains, repairs and/or services brakes must also meet the requirements in 396.25 as a Brake Inspector and be self-certified by the motor carrier that the individual meets these qualifications. Failing to meet these two critical guidelines can result in all inspections and/or brake work on as CMV as non-compliant. ITI employs several individuals who meet the criteria and can inspect your CMVs according to the FMCSRs. We can also review your mechanics training records and work history, show your mechanics how to perform a proper Appendix G inspection.

Roadside Inspections:

ITI employs former state police officers who were, for many years’, roadside inspectors. They can provide your drivers with the ‘ins and outs’ of roadside inspections by attending driver’s meeting and other carrier functions. These roadside inspections also require the carrier ensure that any driver violations be noted by the carrier and any equipment violations be repaired before the CMV is re-dispatched. A carrier must review any roadside inspection for correctness. ITI can examine your roadside inspections and determine if the violations listed are correct or whether the officer has made a mistake. Officers are just like other people and sometimes make errors. While we all try hard, but some officers can make mistakes that can be very devastating to your operation. Please review all of your roadside inspections. If you suspect an error in a violation or if you feel your driver or truck have been placed Out-of-Service in error, make contact with ITI for a DATA Q Review. ITI may be able to get this violation removed from your roadside inspection thus reducing the impact on your CSA score. If we feel you cannot win ITI, will discourage you from requesting a DATA Q Challenge.

ITI stands ready and willing to work with all carriers to reduce your CSA scores by reviewing your inspection reports.