Commercial motor carriers have a significant responsibility to the general public, whom they share the road with during transportation. HAZMAT carriers have a higher level of responsibility to the public just because of the products that they transport. This higher level of responsibility cannot be taken lightly. The degree of communication, packaging, securing and knowledge of the hazards, safety precautions and emergency response procedures are extensive, and far above that of the general freight haulers.

We are well aware of the increased responsibilities and can assist you, as a HAZMAT transporter, to meet the requirements of the Hazardous Materials Regulation. We can:

  • Provide HAZMAT training and refresher HAZMAT training as required in 172.704, which is required for ALL HAZMAT employees
  • If you are required, we can conduct a safety assessment of your facility and prepare a security plan
  • We can provide your drivers with a copy of the Emergency Response Guidebook and instruct your drivers of its use
  • We can address HAZMAT violations discovered during inspections and listed by enforcement officers