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DOT Consulting

The daily operation of a trucking company is a very tedious and complicated business. There are so many areas where a company can either misunderstand a regulation or all together forget a routine requirement. The next thing they know, they see a Federal or State regulator on their door step ready to conduct some type of audit or investigation. Some of these items can cost the carrier dearly or could possibly put the carrier in an Out-of-Service condition.

To enable a carrier to cover all the bases, if they are a substantial carrier, requires that they employ many to ensure all compliancy functions are properly identified and followed. Unfortunately, it costs money to have these employees, salaries and other employee benefits. By outsourcing much of this work, much of the money that might have been used to pay salaries and benefits, can now be reallocated to other costs at the carrier.

ITI can provide you the experts to keep your business compliant. Our consultants have many years of experience with all types of items necessary to keep your business in compliance with the FMCSRs and/or State laws. Avoid a disaster and let ITI help you stay compliant with the FMCSRs and State laws.


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