Motor Vehicle Record (MVR)

A Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) is an official driving record, from the state in which a license is held. It provides information about ones driving record including the validity, disqualifications, endorsements, restrictions and violations that may have occurred while you held a license. An inquiry is made in each state where the driver held an operator's license or permit during the preceding three year period prior to the date of the report.

ITI recommends running MVR’s on all perspective employees before you hire so you know what the driver's record looks like before putting them on the road. A small amount spent here first, can save your company thousands of dollars down the road later. An MVR will help an employer in the hiring process by determining if the applicant has convictions of driving under the influence of drug or alcohol, driving history, license revocations and suspensions, accidents, violations and more. ITI is already set up to run all your U.S. MVR’s in a matter of moments. Most can be done as soon as the forms are submitted. You are then notified via email that the MVR has been processes and a copy is sent to you.

When using our online DQF’s, ITI will automatically run the MVR on your drivers and place it in their DQF. As an additional service, each year when the annual review is coming due, we will notify you 90/60/30 days prior to the expiration date and then you will be sent the new MVR and annual review for you to review with the driver. This service allows your Safety Director to do his/her job without having to keep track of expiration dates, set alerts for reviews, and take the time to run the MVR. Now, they just schedule a meeting with the driver and conduct the annual review!