Driver Qualification File (DQF)

Fleet operators have many responsibilities when it comes to compliance requirements and guidelines. One of the FMCSA requirements that a carrier must navigate, is the regulation dictated in 49 CFR Part 391.51: the requirements for Driver Qualification File (DQF). Every motor carrier must maintain a compliant DQF for each driver it employs.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs) have specific requirements of what is required in a DQF and the more drivers you have, the more complicated record keeping and compliance can be. The following is just a partial list of the requirements:

  1. DOT application
  2. Copy of Driver’s Current CDL
  3. Copy of Driver’s Current DOT Medical
  4. Negative Pre-Employment DOT Drug Screen
  5. Current MVR/Annual Review

Let ITI do all of the work for you! ITI’s online application and process for drivers is 100% compliant according to the FMCSRs. The DOT approved application includes requirements such as the previous 3 years of license history; previous 3 years of residences, previous 10 years work history, driving experience, driving violations and much more. ITI will process the complete DQF, including the request for information from the previous 3 years employment, process the MVR (Motor Vehicle Record), process a PSP (Pre-employment Screening Report), as well as process a CBC (Criminal Background Check) if requested.

Instead of requiring a driver complete several different paper forms, used in the screening process as well as the DQF, direct them to ITI’s secure portal, have them fill out all of the required forms, and ITI will take care of the rest. Once your company decides to hire the driver, ITI’s online application has already been completed, the required forms are all included, everything is electronically signed and ready to go as soon as you are!