FMCSA Updates March 18, 2020

Posted: Mar, 18th 2020

Yesterday, questions were addressed by FMCSA. Many items were not addressed. However, here are a few items that were covered:

  • Drivers do not need documentation regarding the HOS Waiver.
  • Items not covered under the waiver but part of a larger list of things currently being reviewed include: fuel, dog/cat food, livestock, ingredients for products that are ultimately going into finished goods.
  • Backhauls for business purposes after a delivery of emergency products are not covered in waiver.
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing has not been waived. FMCSA is aware that some clinics have been closing and DOT is looking into this further.
  • FMCSA encouraged the industry to work with shippers and ask them to consider noting on the bill of lading if the product is finished good that is a necessity.
  • PARKING - FMCSA is working with their partners at FHWA and other resources regarding parking. More to come on this.
  • CDL renewals, etc. - FMCSA is working with their partners and more to come on this.
  • Medical exams for CDL renewal - FMCSA is working with their partners and more will be forthcoming.

Along with the FMCSA exemptions, many States are releasing their own exemptions and exceptions.  Drivers operating interstate or intrastate need to seek the information about the States they are operating for the State’s exemptions.  

 Please feel free to contact us at for questions or assistance. We will do our best to support and help our clients navigate through the exemptions and regulations.