5 Reasons to Choose ITI, Indiana Testing Inc. as your Drug and Alcohol Testing Provider

Posted: Feb, 12th 2019

Choosing a Management company for your consulting, drug, and alcohol testing requires diligence to choose a provider that meets all of your individual business needs. A provider that is readily available and has systems in place to expedite the return of your tests allows employees to get back to work quickly.

1. ITI offers onsite drug and alcohol testing services 

  • Professional, discreet, and personalized onsite services to fit the needs of every kind of business operation
  • ITI offers student testing, bus driver testing, FMCSA drug testing for truck drivers, NON-DOT testing for manufacturing companies and staffing agencies
  • Anonymity, no one knows our collectors are coming or even there, until they are brought to the testing location

2. ITI has collectors throughout the state of Indiana

  • Multiple collectors located out of our headquarters in Indianapolis; we are ready to assist anyone, anywhere in the state of Indiana
  • Contracted collectors located in Lake County, Dubois County, Washington County and Kosciusko County


  • An online portal which allows our clients fast and easy access to drug and alcohol results (in real time)
  • Ability to add and delete employees as they come and go
  • Access to random pools and random selections
  • Access to MIS reports at any time

4. ITI schedules appointments that fit into your busy work day

  • Early morning, mid-day, late afternoon, or early evening appointments available to ensure that all shifts are present and tested
  • The ITI scheduling department works to find the optimal times to test the largest amount of staff, thus eliminating having to use off-site clinics (which can be costly and time consuming)

5. Daily operations are located in Indianapolis

  • Regular business hours are M-F from 8-5
  • Post-accident hotline services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year